Transparency International-Cyprus (TI-C) calls on companies everywhere to act against corruption


Nicosia, 22 March 2016 – TI-C wishes to increase awareness on transparency and integrity in the field of business through the Business Integrity Forum (BIF).


The Business Integrity Forum (BIF) is a network of major international companies, convened by TI-C, dedicated to cooperate with member companies that wish to reach the highest standards of business integrity and corporate governance.

Through the BIF, companies are openly committed to high anti-corruption and ethical standards in business practices and have the opportunity to engage in discussions about strategic corruption issues and policy positions – and thereby participate in the international debate on corruption. Through participating in BIF, companies also have the opportunity to share with TI-C their current developments, debates, and issues in the business sector related to anti- corruption best practice.

The Cyprus’ BIF consists of three Big 4 Audit firms namely, Deloitte (Cyprus), PWC (Cyprus) and EY (Cyprus), as well as the largest financial institution of the island, Bank of Cyprus.

TI-C is organizing a Corporate Integrity forum that will take place on 13 April 2016, at 12:30, at Deloitte Offices in Nicosia exclusively for the members of BIF.  Keynote speakers are Professor Marianna Fotaki (Warwick University, UK), Professor Haridimos Tsoukas (University of Cyprus), Professor Maria Krambia-Kapardis (Cyprus University of Technology, Executive Chair of the Board) and Marios Skandalis (Bank of Cyprus, Executive Vice-Chair of the Board).

TI-C remains available and welcomes requests for admissions as members of BIF of new corporations that share such corporate objectives of transparency and integrity.


Transparency International-Cyprus is the only organization in Cyprus leading the fight against corruption.


Photos of the Event

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