Business Integrity Forum

The Business Integrity Forum (BIF) is a network of major international companies, convened by Cyprus Integrity Forum (CIF), dedicated to cooperate with member companies who wish to reach the highest standards of business integrity.

Members publicly demonstrate support for the mission and values of CIF and are openly committed to high anti-corruption and ethical standards in business practices. Through the BIF companies also have the opportunity to engage in discussion about strategic corruption issues and policy positions – and thereby participate in the international debate on corruption. Through participating in BIF, companies also have the opportunity to share with CIF their current developments, debates, and issues in the business sector related to anti- corruption best practice.

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BIF Members

Why you should join

A growing number of companies across the world increasingly recognize that doing business with integrity is the only right way of doing business. An emerging trend is showing that companies are bolstering their principles and policies of transparency, ethics and risk management, not just for legal compliance, but also as an ethical and necessary part of good management. Consequently, companies today are approaching corporate responsibility and rigorous corruption prevention as part of their overall policy to manage their activities in a responsible way.

CIF has unrivalled knowledge and insight into these developments, through closely following the activities of law-makers, regulators and government officials – as well as the practical – on-the-ground experience gained through our 100+ chapters worldwide. This unique perspective is combined with a good understanding of the corporate sector through specialist staff and working closely with our BIF member companies. By becoming a member, you will be supporting our work and be seen to be doing so.

Essentially, participation to the BIF allows companies to:

Enable stronger confidence, better reputation and more business Identify risks early and prove that measures are in place
Routinely monitor and improve controls
Manage risk across business, including supply chains
Continually improve and deliver best practice in managing risks.

Main Benefits

Members of CIF shall be entitled to the following benefits:
• Quarterly workshops/presentations with special guests focusing on compliance, transparency or accountability issues.
• Quarterly newsletter specifically made for BIF members focusing on private sector projects of TI, best practices and events of other TI chapters etc.
• Half-day workshop/year for the employees of the company on work-related ethical dilemmas (optional)
• Half-day/year consultation on the progress of self-assessment checklist (optional)
• Invitation to all events of TI-Cyprus movement
• Annual Membership Meeting
• Use of the BIF logo
• Appearance of the Company Name and Logo on ΒΙF’s website (provided there will be no link from BIF’ s website to the Company’s website) and other promotional materials (subject however to the Company’ s prior written consent.)
• A membership certificate and/or other appropriate recording of your membership

Membership principles

Cyprus Integrity Forum works in partnership with companies that wish to attain the highest standards of integrity and share the vision of the CIF movement:

«A world in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.»

TI-C does not expect that all members will already have a perfect anti-corruption programme in place.

However, there is an expectation that companies aspire to high standards already have, or are committed to putting in place, a programme that will match this aspiration.

Members of the Business Integrity Forum of CIF:

  • Are committed to operating to high standards of integrity and transparency;
  • Have, or will put into place within a stated period, a detailed anti-bribery & corruption policy; and
  • Are committed to implementing the anti-bribery & corruption policy throughout their operations, and have, or will put into place, a monitoring and evaluation process to ensure effective compliance with the company’s policy.

Becoming a member. Criteria and Selection

Membership to BIF is by invitation only, to corporations that are considered to be of good standing, and promoters of the anti-corruption movement, integrity in leadership and good governance.

  • Before considering a company to join the Business Integrity Forum (BIF), CIF will carry out a due diligence to satisfy itself that the company shares the CIF’s Guiding Principles and will be forwarded to the Private Sector Committee of CIF for review and approval.
  • Corporations that accept the invitation to join the BIF are expected to dully sign the Supporting Agreement before joining the Forum.
  • The Supporting Agreement will be forwarded to the Executive Board of CIF for final approval.
  • A Certificate of Membership will be issued by CIF.

Annual Membership Fees


>5 m Euro



<5 m Euro


There is a one-time joining fee of 300 – 500 euro to cover the cost of due diligence (exact amount depends on size & turnover).

*CIF is a registered charity institution and hence all subscriptions are treated as contributions with the appropriate tax and other benefits.