Identify the type of frauds that that are being committed by and against companies in Cyprus. Online Survey

Dear Sir/Madam

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus and Transparency International Cyprus are inviting you to take part in the current survey in an effort to identify the type of frauds that that are being committed by and against companies in Cyprus. It should take you no more than 10 minutes to respond to the questionnaire.

We would appreciate it if we could have your input not later than 15th  of March 2014 as time is of the essence with this survey.

The questionnaire survey aims to answer the following research questions:

  1. Do companies with ethical codes and ethical corporate culture have a lower chance of fraud to occur?
  2. Do companies that implement correctly a Corporate Governance have a lower chance of fraud to occur?
  3. Does the size of the company correlate with the size of the fraud?
  4. Do different typologies of fraud afflict different industries (Hospitality/tourism; banking/insurance; manufacturers/retail/wholesale (including importers/exporters); Health; Construction/Real Estate)?
  5. Who do the respondents believe should be responsible for Prevention/Detection/Investigation of fraud in order to see if there is an expectation gap in Cyprus.
  6. Is a fraudster profile possible?
  7. Can we estimate the cost of fraud in Cyprus for 2013 including the dark figure of fraud?

Your honest, personal and anonymous responses to the questionnaire are what we ask for and thank you kindly for participating. The findings will be published in the ‘Accountancy Cyprus’ as well as in the media in an effort to encourage the implementation of the appropriate internal controls and measures to minimize fraud victimization in companies in Cyprus, thus contributing to a healthier economy for the benefit of all.

The study is being carried out by the Economic Crime and Forensic Accounting Committee of ICPAC, and is being co-ordinated by Asoc.Prof.  Maria Krambia-Kapardis (Chair of ECFA) and her research team at the Cyprus University of Technology.

Best Wishes


Kyriakos Iordanous                                       Maria Krambia-Kapardis

General Manager of ICPAC                       Chair of ECFA Committee and Chair of Transparency International Cyprus

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