Proposals for Combatting Corruption

Cyprus Integrity Forum Proposals for Combatting Corruption

The Cyprus Integrity Forum (CIF), the only non-governmental and not politically partisan organization in Cyprus that aims to effectively combat corruption in society, the state, and the business world, presents 7 specific measures recommendation for immediate implementation by the Republic.

Our society’s values have been shuttered, and unless we practically demonstrate that we are ready to introduce in-depth remediation in all pillars of the Republic, then we stand no chance of regaining our credibility and reliability both internally and externally.

We need to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt to all that we have zero tolerance against any acts of corruption. That transparency is a key principle on which our society, state, and business world is based and operates in an uncompromised manner.

Combatting corruption forms the objective of ALL, and this fight can only be effective if the effort is COLLECTIVE!

Our 7 (seven) recommended measures which will form the basis of discussion by CIF with its stakeholders both internally but especially with international organizations abroad that aim in combatting corruption, have as follows:

  • Acceleration of the proceedings for the establishment and operation of the Independent Authority Against Corruption in a manner and composition that reflects integrity and transparency.
  • Immediate enactment into law of the Lobbying framework and the framework for the Protection of Whistle-blowers, which are pending for an unreasonably long time in the House of Representatives.
  • Immediate adoption of the 16 recommendations made by the Greco Committee of the European Council.
  • Adoption of a minimum code / framework of good governance by all corporations in Cyprus regardless of the nature of their operations.
  • Adoption of a comprehensive Code of Conduct for the President of the Republic, the Ministers, as well as for the Members of the House of Representatives and ongoing monitoring by the Independent Authority Against Corruption for its effective implementation/enforcement.
  • Ongoing independent review of the integrity and efficient operation of the National Health System so as to ensure conformity with the framework in place and avoidance of any acts of corruption.
  • Immediate promotion of actions for effectively combatting corruption in Sports through the design and enactment into law of specific frameworks which will introduce relevant controls and promote the integrity in Sports and continuous education of the younger generations and the society in general.