Affiliated Bodies


ICPAC is the only state-recognized body of accountants in Cyprus and the only recognized body of auditors pursuant to the Auditor’s Law of 2017

University of Cyprus

The University of Cyprus is the leading state university of Cyprus and its mission is the advancement of science, knowledge, learning and education by teaching and research.

Institute of Business Ethics

The Institute of Business Ethics or IBE is a non-profit professional organisation based in London, which encourages high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values.

 Chartered Governance Institute

The Chartered Governance Institute is the premier global qualifying organisation for professionals aspiring to become a Chartered Secretary and qualifies people who have roles as company secretaries, governance advisers, risk managers, compliance managers and more.


Oxygono is a non-governmental non-profit organisation aiming to improve the quality of public debate in Cyprus and consequently lead to the achievement reforms and modernization of our country to improve the quality of life of citizens in all aspects of public life.

Reaction-Youth for the Prevention

REACTION – Youth for the Prevention, is a non-profit organization supporting people in vulnerable groups. Its Regional Crisis and Disaster Management Center is often the mechanism for dealing with crises in Cyprus and Greece, spearheading the organization’s actions to deal with the pandemic.

Partnership for Transparency

Partnership for Transparency is a non-profit organisation based in Washington, D.C. advances innovative citizen-led approaches to improve governance, increase transparency, promote the rule of law and reduce corruption in developing and emerging countries.


The Youth Board of Cyprus offers young people multiple opportunities for active participation in social activities in Cyprus and abroad.

International Compliance Association

The International Compliance Association is the leading professional body for the global regulatory and financial crime compliance community, with members in 157 countries.