We aim that our children live in a corruption-free and fully transparent environment, and in doing so, we engage actively to combat corruption in the society, the state, and the business world.

Our core



Code of Conduct

The Members of the Board of Directors after their election sign and adopt the Code of Conduct.


Transparency in the State, The Cypriot Government, has established a strong anti-corruption legal framework and is constantly working to improve and amend its laws, aligning them more closely with European anti-corruption conventions.

At Cyprus Integrity Forum, we believe that citizens would not remain indifferent to corruption if someone offered them a credible and straightforward mechanism to report it.

CIF has set up the Business Integrity Forum (BIF), aiming to bring under one roof those corporations that strive to operate in an ethical, transparent, and accountable manner and wish to become a role model for other business actors.

We strive towards the achievement of an environment in which faith and confidence by citizens will drive the political will of active politicians to put joint and mutual commitment as regards zero tolerance on corruption

Support platform for reporting corruption

Corruption undermines democracy, threatens the environment and furthers the violation of human rights. Above all, corruption is one of the leading causes that millions of people live in poverty. With your input, you can help us create a world where corruption will no longer be acceptable.

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